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Your travel insurance – better safe than sorry!

There is nothing more important than being able to go on vacation and feel relaxed! This is why it is good to consider the topic of travel insurance before your leave.

We have, of course, fully insured our vehicle for you across Europe: Our insurance has a liability insurance of € 100 million, a maximum of € 12 million per person. The own risk amount for our comprehensive insurance and for our liability insurance is € 1500 per claim.

Furthermore, you will, of course, travel with a 24/7 motor and roadside assistance coverage that covers breakdown assistance, vehicle breakdowns, patient repatriation, etc. – you will find further details in the flyer below (only available in Germany, we will gladly help you understand all the details before your travel).

Damage to the interior is not insured!

Since there is always a risk that something happens to the motorhome during your holidays (a broken cabinet handle, a stone in the windscreen) and costs can easily run up, we have made the experience that it can be worthwhile to privately reduce the € 1500,00 own risk.

Therefore, we recommend the motorhome travel insurance from ERGO Reiseversicherung. Then you are always safe and never sorry … 

Highlights of the travel insurance:

  • Reduction of your deductible to € 250
  • Interior liability insurance for the protection of the permanently installed inventory (including the awning!)
  • Luggage and content insurance including cameras, cell phones, sports equipment and e-bikes up to € 6000.-

For even more security this travel insurance can be combined with a travel cancellation insurance.

Highlights of the cancellation insurance:

  • The amount insured is the sum of your total travel price, not ‘just’ your motorhome rental but also already booked campings, event tickets or other reservations that have already been made. There is an own risk of 20% of the reimbursable damage, but at least € 25 per insured trip.
  • Help in the event of overbooking (if you have a valid camping reservation but overnight space can be offered due to overbooking, ERGO pays up to 3 nights for an alternative accommodation.)
  • Help should the driver unexpectedly not be able to drive the motorhome anymore. 
  • For dog owners: Unexpected serious illness or injury to a dog registered for the trip before the start of the trip. Important: The dog must be listed in the rental agreement.

All details and the link to the online booking form can be found here:

I want to travel the safe way!

24/7 motor and roadside assistance included

Additional private insurance for more security