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Our new Camper4Fun is perfect for families as well as for couples of all ages. The flexible layout maximizes space and comfort for day and night use.

Our Camper4Fun offers couples a huge amount of space! The lower bunk bed can be raised creating extra storage space in the already spacious garage – now bikes, bulky sport equipment, BBQs etc. can easily be stored.
The upper bed can be raised and both beds can serve as extra seating or storage space for anything you may need – we often put unused cushions, bags or jackets there.
The rear bunk beds with slatted frames are suitable for both children and adults making our Camper4Fun the perfect option for groups of 4 or even 5 adults to enjoy their vacation getaway.

The large (1.60 x 2.00 meter) bed at the front of the vehicle also has a slatted frame and a comfort mattress.  It’s both comfortable and ideally situated for those of us who no longer want to use a ladder to climb into bed. Alternatively, the double bed can be lowered part way, allowing the seating area below the bed to convert into another bed space large enough for 1 or even 2 additional people.  Just perfect!

The bunkbeds in the rear make this motorhome ideal for families.  An electric upper bed allows additional flexibility for one or two individuals.

During the day, the upper bed can be raised out of the way, creating a cozy spot for anyone who needs a little me-time – without ‘blocking’ the whole living area. This rear space of ​​the camper can be separated from the living area with a door, offering parents plenty of space in the living area in the evening while the little ones sleep peacefully in their bunk beds.

When the parents are ready for bed, a simple button push lowers the large 1.60 x 2.00 meter double bed quietly over the seating area and low enough to allow easy access into and out of bed.  No climbing!  

Our Camper4Fun distinguishes itself with charm and an incredible feeling of space. When the large bed is properly stowed, you can easily see the beauty and spacious living area.  The couch offers plenty of room for everyone to sit at the table.  The rotating front pilot seats can be turned to add additional seating.  You can also stretch out and get comfortable laying on the couch, like you would in your own living room!

Ideal is also the fact that when you close the door to the living area and open the door to the toilet you create a large bathroom in the rear of the motorhome. Large enough for showering, washing, drying off and changing cloths … and all that again without ‘blocking’ the whole living space.


While driving, the living area adjusts to three seats with seatbelts.  Two of the seats face forward with 3-point belts and a reclining back rest.  You can raise your legs to make long trips even more comfortable.  The third seat faces the rear and is secured with a lapbelt.  The supportive upholstery is equally comfortable for travel, relaxation or during mealtimes.

Rounding out the vehicle as a perfect travel companion are a TV with satellite connection, a bicycle rack for up to 2 bikes, a back-up camera, a large sunroof that allows natural light to flood the cabin, an outdoor shower, and an outdoor (propane) gas connection that can be used to attach a grill.

And last but not least, to make your vacation as easy as possible, we rent a FULLY equipped motorhome with camping chairs, table, awning carpet, power cable, canister, water hose and much more plus a fully equipped kitchen (including a corkscrew – because what is a cozy evening in front of the motorhome without a delicious bottle of wine). All this is already included in the price. I always pack the car according to our customer’s needs, which are discussed individually shortly before the start of the journey – that means that what you don’t need won’t be packed and saves weight.

Of course, we also try to accommodate any special wishes – do you have special booking dates or times, are in need of a child seat? Please feel free to ask. In many cases we are able to help.

Your vacation begins as soon as you pick up your keys!  Let our dream motorhome take you on your dream vacation.

Take a peek right here and now!