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The Fine Print

The final rental contract is available in German only and follows German law. Of course, we will help you fill it in and answer any possible questions.

Our motorhome is fully insured which includes liability insurance as well as comprehensive insurance coverage. In the unlikely circumstance you are involved in an accident during your vacation or your motorhome breaks down for any reason and cannot be driven anymore, we also offer you 24/7 motor and roadside assistance coverage. All necessary documents will be shared with you during your vehicle introduction, this way you always know who to turn to if anything goes wrong.

Please decide beforehand who will be driving the motorhome as all drivers must be included on the rental agreement. People who are not listed on the contract are NOT insured. Drivers must be older than 23 and be in possession of a driver’s license for at least 3 years.

A cash deposit of 1500 euros is required when picking up the vehicle. If you wish, you can transfer this in advance. The vehicle cannot be handed over without this deposit. 

When picking up your motorhome you will receive a detailed introduction to our vehicle. If you still have questions during your travels, you will find a number of checklists and information sheets in the on-board folder. Of course, you can also call us at any time – we will try to answer any questions remotely.

All trips to member states of the EU as well as Andorra, England, Gibraltar, Iceland, Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Lichtenstein, San Marino, Monaco, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland, Vatican City and Wales are covered. Trips to countries of former Eastern Block and those of former Yugoslavia (if not an EU member) are excluded.

Festivals are NOT allowed to be visited with the motorhome.

Dogs (max. 2) are allowed but must be mentioned in the contract and are NOT allowed in the beds. Please respect people with allergies or those who simply do not want to sleep in beds where animals have been lying. Should we find out that there were dogs in the beds, additional costs of 500.- will be charge, as we will need to replace the mattresses.

Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle.

Accidents happen and now and then things break – whether on the vehicle or the equipment, please be so kind and let us know if something happened. This ensures we can repair or replace anything in time for the next renter.

When you pick up your motorhome it is clean with a full fuel tank. Therefore, the vehicle must be returned swept clean and with a full tank. If the tank is not full, we will charge a flat rate of 75 euros (this corresponds to a full tank filling of 65l).

Since a clean vehicle is very important to us, we take care of the complete interior and exterior cleaning. These costs are included in our service flat rate. This enables us to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned before each new rental. If dogs travelled with you, the cleaning fee increases by 45 euros.

The service fee of 179 euros includes complete interior and exterior cleaning and set up of the vehicle, an 11 liter gas bottle, toilet chemicals, plus all the equipment that comes with the motorhome.

Even if you don’t want to, it can always happen that you have to cancel your vacation. In such a case, please notify us as early as possible. Then we can react accordingly. Charges vary depending on how early you let us know. We use the following guidelines:

… up to 50 days before departure = 30% of the rental price
… from the 49th to the 15th day before departure = 75% of the rental price
… from the 14th day before departure = 90% of the rental price
… on the day of rental or if the vehicle is not picked up = 100% of the rental price

For the Ford App a data and location approval has been granted for this vehicle. The data will not be stored by the owner. This app is used solely to optimize planning maintenance intervals, oil consumption, mileage, etc.

Much of this information is duplicated and available for your reference in your rental agreement and in the general rental conditions.